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Drawing and Talking Therapy

What is Drawing and Talking?

Drawing and Talking is a gentle, non-intrusive therapy that puts the individual at the heart of each session. As a Drawing and Talking Practitioner, I respect the individual, be them a child young person or adult, allowing them to set the pace and decide what to bring to each session.  

It provides a highly effective person-centred, therapeutic playwark approach and complements, rather than replaces, the work of CAMHS and other specialist therapies.  

Who can benefit from Drawing and Talking?

This therapeutic approach is suitable for anyone from age 5 upwards who needs emotional support.  It can help people who have suffered trauma or who have underlying emotional needs including those who:

- Have suffered trauma

- Have been or are in the process of being adopted or fostered

- Are foster carers or adoptive parents 

- Are carers

- Have experienced loss or bereavement

- Have experienced domestic violence

- Suffer from anxiety, stress and phobias

- Are ill, disabled or have a specific learning need such as autism, ADHD or dyslexia

- Find it difficult to make friends

- Feel isolated

- Have been bullied or are a bully

- Suffer from disrupted sleep

- Are at risk of being excluded from school

What are the benefits of Drawing and Talking?

After a series of sessions, individuals will find that they have a better understanding of their emotions, have found a resolution to a challenging event, such as a bereavement, are better able to self regulate their behaviour and therefore able to participate in school, work or social events.  They may have improved self-esteem and confidence.  

What happens in a Drawing and Talking Session?

Each session lasts 30 minutes and, during this time, the individual will be invited to draw and then discuss their drawing with myself.  Questions will be asked to help the individual make sense of their drawing and their inner world and what is happening in it.  This is done gently and non-intrusively with the individual taking the lead.  

It is recommended that an individual completes 12 sessions over 12 weeks. 

How to Book 

Face to Face sessions are held in Morpeth town centre (NE61).

Virtual sessions take place through Zoom.

I am also able to work with schools and other organisations to deliver Drawing and Talking sessions in your setting.

Initial 20 minute consultation by phone or Zoom: Free

30 minute session: £30 

12, 30 minute sessions booked and paid for in advance: £350

It is recommended that the programme lasts 12 sessions with 1 session per week for 12 weeks. 

Email me to find out more or to book:

I hold a full, clean DBS certificate and public liability insurance. 

Therapeutic Support: Text
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